What we do

Our customized service is designed to meet your individual needs with the most cost-effective strategy for your personal situation. HALO Home and Life Organizers will help you organize and prepare your home for transition. HALO also ensures mental well-being by connecting you with community support services and referred partners in the community to help you reach your Plan of Care goals. Whether it’s for right-sizing, hoarding clear outs, trauma clean ups, estate sales and more. We ensure that your life and home transitions are as comfortable and stress free as possible.

How we do it

Meet with client, community partners (if already involved), and family members to create a Plan of Care. Based on the Plan of Care a quote is created so everyone involved knows the expectations for the work to be completed. Clean out, de-clutter, right-size, sell items (if possible), and re-purpose items. Prepare home for pest control (bedbug, cockroach) treatment, if necessary. HALO will thoroughly disinfect and clean all living spaces in residence including: walls, floors, cupboards, appliances, bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms and other areas in the home that need cleaning. Offer Follow-up visits and ongoing maintenance if required.

  • Doug

    Doug’s health had been failing for a long period of time and he was going into hospital for surgery. His sister, with his permission, hired HALO to do a ‘clean up’ of his condo while he was away. HALO provided him with a clean fresh start and new bed for when he came home from the hospital. This allowed him a stress-free surgery and an upgrade in his surroundings at the same time. His sister was able to reach out and be supportive in a way he could appreciate without being intrusive.

  • Lane

    The Lane family moved from a four bedroom bungalow to a two bedroom apartment. This was a challenging downsize/organizing task because it involved a family of four with three home businesses. The move was accomplished in a short period of time, their belongings were kept safe, and everything was organized so to ensure a smooth transition for home and work life in the new residence.

  • Gentleman

    A gentleman was struggling with health issues and was admitted to hospital. He was unable to keep his home and life in order so his family called HALO in to help clean and organize his home. Garbage removed, pest infestation taken care of and home disinfected and cleaned. Upon his return home he was able to enjoy a new beginning in a clutter free and clean home.

  • Estate Cleanup

    An estate clean up had become too much for family and friends to handle so they contacted HALO to provide assistance. HALO ensured personal items were found and returned safely to the family. Artifacts from World Wars were donated to museums. The home was cleared out of belongings and donated to local charities. Home was cleaned, disinfected, pigeons were relocated from the attic and cleaned out after many years of nesting there. (NO animals were harmed in the cleaning of this home.) The home was able to be sold to a local investor and the family was brought peace of mind.

  • Uncle

    A client contacted HALO to assist in the clean up of his Uncles home. Sadly his Uncle had a medical emergency that resulted in a mess left behind to be cleaned. We were able to go in after hours and help the family in cleaning and bringing the residence back to its once beautiful state. Happily the man was able to return to his home and was in better health when he returned. 

  • Young Man

    A young man was struggling with health and addictions issues when his family decided they needed to intervene. We were called in to help clean up his home so he would be able to return after he received the help that he needed. We were faced with communicable diseases, drug paraphernalia, animal waste and years of neglect in the home. We were happy when the young gentleman was able to return with his pets to his home and enjoy a safe and clean environment.

  • Mental Health

    When a client is struggling with mental health issues, we often see this manifested in their ability to manage and upkeep a home. This client was struggling with mental health issues, personal issues and this was apparent in her home and the way that she was living. We were able to help support her during the cleaning and re-organizing of her home and left her with tools and local community supports to ensure her journey was on a successful path.

What we believe

Our Mission
Halo supports individuals and families during times of transition in order to enable them to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.
Our Vision
Our vision is to become a model organization for promotion and delivery of transition expertise and trauma support.

What people are saying

  • Andrea I.

    We hired Mel and her team to help us clean out the home of a senior family member who had passed away, and who we discovered was a hoarder for the past 35 years. I cannot say enough good things to express our gratitude for all that this team accomplished... with hard work, sensitivity, attention to detail and compassion. I highly recommend Mel and Halo and I definitely would use them in the future. They provided excellent service. Thank you so much Mel and her crew!
    ~ ANDREA I. ~
  • Donna S.

    Our family learned one of our own was suffering from gross hoarding. I was reassured within moments of contacting HALO that I had found the best resolution. Mel and her team were professional, compassionate, accommodating and flexible while keeping in contact with the family and their wishes. When we finally met personally, I was impressed by the positive, productive changes in the home and felt like I had just made a new friend that would be a future family member. Thank you for all you do to ease the pain and turmoil for your clients and their families during a difficult transition. You were my Guardian Angel when I was searching for prayers and answers.
    ~ DONNA S. ~
  • Ellen M.

    Mel and her entire team are thoughtful and kind professionals. They have a client-centered care model that ensures those in need are heard and acknowledged. Mel's leadership in a time of crisis offers a confidence to those she is assisting. I am comforted in knowing that the team is here to help our community members in their darkest of moments.
    ~ ELLEN M. ~
  • Anonymous

    My 89 year old mother moved into a retirement home and our family was faced with the task of cleaning out 32+ years of accumulated treasures.In the middle of an already hectic life with younger kids, we knew we needed help and advice. We were referred to HALO. From our initial visit Mel was able to put us at ease. She was so good at being flexible and talking through all the options .Mel's jovial personality helped to keep us laughing through a very stressful process. Thanks again to Mel for making what seemed like an insurmountable task much more manageable and for providing some laughs along the way! ~ WANDA G. ~
  • Jennifer P.

    I have had the opportunity to call on Halos services twice. But may I tell you, I won't stop there!!!! I work in an industry that serves the amazing seniors in our community. With that, comes challenges, heart wrenching situations, that sometimes are far more overwhelming than we can ever imagine. But you know what? We have found our "angels" when working with Mel and her team. With my most sincere gratitude, and heart felt thanks I write this with goosebumps. Mel, you are truly an angel. And I look forward to hiring you over, and over again. Be well "friend"!
    ~ JENNIFER P. ~
  • Patti E.

    We used Mel and her team to assist us with clearing out our Uncles home. He was a true hoarder and we were completely overwhelmed. I cannot say enough good things about these people. They were professional, empathetic, discreet, hard working and fun. Yes fun! I never imagined that I would be laughing during the week I was there,but somehow they managed to take a bleak situation and turned it into something positive. They also came in on budget and were very sensitive to the fact that we were tight for money.
    ~ PATTI E. ~

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