What we do

At HALO we are confidential and collaborative professionals who specialize in hoarded homes, estate cleanouts and trauma cleanups. HALO works with our clients to create a customized plan designed to meet individual needs in a cost-effective way.

HALO focuses on the safety and wellbeing of clients and connects them with community support services to ensure goals are met and maintained. We are committed to an empathetic approach and to make these difficult transitions as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Trauma Clean Up

HALO cleans sites affected by bio-hazardous materials – human and other – including blood, bodily fluids, urine, feces, narcotics, waste, etc. We have attended crime scenes, workplace incidents, needle and drug paraphernalia cleanups, unattended death, and traumatic incidences including falls, suicide and accidents. We are registered with Stericycle and the Hazardous Waste Information network (HWIN) under the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

Hoarding Clean Up

HALO assists in the removal of accumulated items and waste often involving bio-hazardous material cleanup. We work alongside our clients to enable safe passage throughout the living space and to restore use of rooms and facilities. Clients with Hoarding Disorder may also need HALO to help with extensive cleaning and disinfecting of walls, floors, cupboards, appliances, bathrooms, kitchen facilities, bedrooms, and other areas. Sometimes items are sold or donated to charity.

Estate Clean Up

HALO attends to homes that residents can no longer live in, due to age, death, disability or accident. We work with families to clean out, declutter, right-size, disinfect, find lost heirlooms, sell, and to repurpose items within the home to charity. Sometimes more extensive cleaning, similar to hoarding clean-ups, takes place. This may include extensive cleaning and disinfecting of walls, floors, cupboards, appliances, bathrooms, kitchen facilities, bedrooms, and other areas within the home.

Home and Life Organizers

How we do it

Whether it is cleaning out, de-cluttering, right-sizing, selling or re-purposing items, HALO meets individually with all of our clients. If the client wishes, community partners and / or family members might also attend. During this meeting we create a plan that HALO calls a Plan of Care. A Plan of Care outlines all the work to be done, the estimated hours each plan will take and budget.

At HALO we thoroughly disinfect and clean all living spaces, including walls, floors, cupboards, appliances, bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, and other areas in the home that needs cleaning. After we complete our job, HALO offers follow-up visits and ongoing maintenance if requested. HALO is dedicated to working collaboratively WITH you and with your wellbeing in mind every step of the way.

Before clean up and declutter After clean up and declutter

What we believe

Our Mission

HALO supports individuals and families during times of transition in order to enable them to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a model organization for the promotion and delivery of transition expertise and trauma support.